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What’s Sexy vs. The Fu Manchu

A very dashing younger man-friend of mine engaged me in a rather stimulating conversation last night.  It was stimulating because, two glasses of wine later,  I was picturing him with a Fu Manchu moustache, taking me out on the town, and whisking me away for a few hours. The key to my fantasy is the moustache. Don’t get me wrong here, my younger man-friend is sexy anyway, but adding the moustache element just makes it so much more….mmmmmM!

Flashback to a weekend in the Bahamas with my best pal, and a bunch of pilots on a bachelor’s weekend. They had all grown Fu Manchu’s for the occasion. That was a deliciously…let’s just say, that’s where I acquired my taste for the Fu Manchu.  Perhaps that experience made me somewhat biased and disillusioned, but I’m going to continue with this post in an effort to make the world a more sexy, actively loving, romantic place to live.

Pay attention here fellas. You see, in general, moustaches are hands-down tacky. I generally loathe them, and have never, NEVER dated a man with a moustache (blue eyes also give me the creeps, but I see a psychologist for that).   Please take special note: You do not want to go out in public with a regular moustache, or  a real Fu Manchu, or a handlebar ‘stache, or anything that may be mistaken for a Magnum P.I. costume. 

Moustaches – too porn. Too much like on-the-face-private-hair. The Fu Manchu however is über sexy, über masculine, and scream, “Don’t-mess-with-me-I’m-all-testosterone-and-ready-to-roll”.  That’s what I thought anyway, but I’ve been informed otherwise.

If you google, “Fu Manchu Moustache”, you will find images and descriptions of moustaches grown to just beyond the corner of the lips. The hair at the edges is then grown like a beard.  If you google, ” Horseshoe Moustache“,  you will find the rugged moustache style I’m so enamoured with.

You see, unlike the Fu Manchu, the Horseshoe moustache is trimmed like a goatee, minus the bits around the lower lip and chin. By the way goatees, when trimmed properly are always sexy, and unlike the Horseshoe, much more socially accepted. The Horseshoe is just outright bold and sexual. It’s kinda like a woman walking around with the nipples cut out of her tops and bra. The Horseshoe is like kissable porn right on a man’s face.

Men, don’t go awry when trying to grow your Horseshoe ‘stache. You may even need to take a sick day to get it just right.  My advice guys, is to spice things up a bit at home. Do your facial man-grooming, and treat your lady to a private night in. 

Run a bath for her, light some candles, and when she gets out, have your own little soaking-wet-fresh-from-the-tub -love-picnic on the floor. Try growing a goatee and trimming it down for that special occasion. Trust me, even if it’s just for a very yummy night in with your lady, it will be worth the work.

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