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FU and WTF

– Coarse Language Advisory

If you can’t handle the f-bomb, read no further. Skip this blog entry entirely, although, I think you might find it intellectually stimulating. Or something like that.

Today was a fuck you day. You know the kind. The days when you just want to tell the world to fuck off, get a life, quit being so fucking politically correct and get out there and do your damn job kind of day.

The fuck you’s are not unlike the blues, just more angry and aggressive. I actually prefer the fuck you’s to the blues. I’ve only been blue a few times, and it’s a pathetically hopeless place to be. Fuck you is a much more powerful vantage point.

As most mornings go for me, my body and mind are in shock until I’ve had a shower, cup of tea, cup of coffee and read the headlines (in that order specifically).  Today I woke up late to the message of the death of a friend. I skipped the shower (don’t freak out, I had one last night) and skipped the tea at home.  Monday was shaping up to be super-fucking fantastic.  

After a little toothscapade (losing my temporary crown on the way to work), I  came into the office  in time to be invited to a pre-meeting before the meeting. WTF?

Life in my home girldom has not been pretty or happy lately. Just the girldom part. I’m healthy and happy with every other area of my life besides the bitter ending of an atrociously fucked-up relationship that just won’t quit.  I’m healthy, my little family of one is healthy, my cat hasn’t barfed on the carpet in over a week, and the bird did not die of paint fumes last week. Funny how one crap aspect of life can affect so much. Funny how our brains can let one crap aspect make it an F-you and WTF kind of day.

So since I was at work, I tried to focus on work. Yep, try is the key word here. On my way in this morning, my temporary crown, number two in a series of dental beautifying, fell out of my mouth. It now rests in three pieces in the console of my car. For 6.5 hours of the day I kept refocusing on my to-do lists, email, and follow-up, all the while hoping my anti-inflammatory would kick in, and hoping that the dental discomfort might keep me from eating and maybe, just maybe help me drop a couple of pounds.  For 1.0 hours of the day I went shopping and picked up a great painting for over the buffet.

For a fraction of the 6.5 hours of the day, I had the pleasure of entertaining another colleague, who is upbeat, positive, and cheerful much like myself. Well, upbeat, positive and cheerful when I’m not having a fuck you, WTF kind of day.That fraction of the day turned the rest of the afternoon around for me. WTF indeed.

It’s all mindfulness as my Sifu would say. It’s all in my head. It took a quick two-minute visit from this colleague friend to reframe, refocus, and reclaim the vast landscape of my own thoughts.

Friendship comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes it’s cultivated and nurtured over a long period of time. Sometimes friendship is simply smiling at another human being. Healthy relationships, long-lived, or momentary, are  blessings. When we are weened on abusive relationships, and try cutting our teeth on healthy ones in adulthood, some days are just fuck you, WTF days.

I am a witness to the fact that friendly faces, open hearts and good intentions aren’t that hard to find. Isn’t that what we’re here for? To be friends I mean. To learn and grow with one another until….well, until whatever comes after this lifetime.

It’s really easy to have a fuck you, WTF kind of day. As it turns out, it’s even easier to be the kind of friend to turn it around for someone. Just a smile. A laugh. A reminder of how wonderful you are.

Because you are wonderful.

You do know that right ladies?



7 thoughts on “FU and WTF

  1. Thanks for the article, and for calling it as it is: Fuck You Days. For a minute, I thought the sentence read “For a fraction of the 6.5 hours of the day, I had the entertainment of pleasuring another colleague…” !!! Wow, I need sleep. etc.

    You are so correct in the power of friendship or even a simple smile from a stranger. And as shitty as we can sometimes feel, I think it is imperative that we have a few, or even one solid friend that we can tell pretty much anything to.

    I’m off to try to reclaim the vast landscape of my own thoughts. Hmm, too tired, I’ll try listening to my heart and giving my head a rest for now.

    Love you.

  2. Oh how we all can relate to the FU/WTF kind of days! Haven’t had one for awhile, but I know them well. You’re right though, they are so much better than the “blue” days. Thanks for telling it like it is & also for the uplifting friendship part, yes even one smile can make a huge difference.

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